THE PEKAN (Pekania pennanti) - Name derived from the Abenaki language, the PEKAN is a forest-dwelling mammal with a range that covers much of the boreal forest in Canada to the northern United States. The PEKAN is a solitary opportunistic predator, crepuscular he is mostly active at dawn and dusk.
Like the PEKAN, we are a dynamic and spirited team playing outdoors in all seasons and under all conditions. Whether walking in the hollow of a river, surviving the densest forests or climbing a mountain peak, our products will allow you to challenge the most hostile environments. Our team has a wide range of skills in various fields of activity such as clothing design, mountaineering and military industry. All our products are handmade in Canada, with the best components available on the market, coming from the best manufacturers in the industry. Quality control of materials and quality of manufacture are two essential elements for us. In this way, we will become a leader in the Canadian tactical industry. Whether you're sailing through a frigid fjord, crossing the Tora Bora mountains or jumping from an AC-130 behind enemy lines, PEKAN products will not let you down.